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Turinagen 10 mg Genetic Labs
  • Turinagen 10 mg Genetic Labs

Turinagen 10 mg Genetic Labs | GAS0104

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Turinagen 10 mg Genetic Labs

Turinagen (Turinabol) is a universal drug. Its range of actions is suitable for almost all sports. It significantly increases strength, endurance and dry mass. It does not burden the athlete with non-functional weight in the form of excess fluid.

It performs the functions inherent to anabolic steroid. Sport pharmacology varies. Each drug has its own steroid profile and direction. There are anabolic steroids for mass gain, drying, endurance and physical parameters. They ensure sports progress and real achievement. The action of anabolic steroid is similar to the male sex hormone testosterone. In other words, the drug simulates the action of testosterone in the body, improving physical performance and hormone levels. Needless to say, testosterone is the most important hormone for an athlete whose level affects progress and development. In its effect, testosterone resembles the legendary metandrostenolone steroid, with the proviso that there are no negative effects in the form of water retention.

Turinabol rewards the athlete with its effects: strength, speed, endurance, dry meat - no side effects. Turinabol is the most popular product among athletes, runners, swimmers and tennis players. Today, Turinabol is relevant in power sports and bodybuilding. It is used for absolutely different purposes - it shows itself well on weight and drying. And powerlifters confidently take the increase in strength performance from the drug in preparation for competitions. Turinabol in bodybuilding is used to build up dry and quality mass, to create relief and increase venousity. In a course of bodybuilding, muscles are full and stiff without any side effects - no water will pour in. It is a good start to get to know the world of pharmacology in general. It is safe, effective and easy to use. It is presented in the form of pills. If you take professional and experienced athletes, then of course they use Turanabol in combination with other drugs for mass or drying.

Country Europa
Substance Turinabol
Active ingredient, mg 10
1 tablet, mg 10
Packaging Tablet
Manufacturer Genetic Labs
Release form Sachet (100 tablets)

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