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Trenbolone Enanthate 200 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals | GAS-0234

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Every athlete or athlete involved in heavy sports understands that the body has natural limits to which it can build muscle mass. But to gain maximum weight, you need to use pharmaceuticals, so many resort to the use of various steroids, hormones and supplements to the main diet. In this case, you should take into account the effect and useful properties of the drug called Trenbolone Enanthate.

Trenbolone enanthate is very similar in action to trenbolone acetate. But the enanthate has a longer duration of action - about 10 days. Injections are carried out 1-2 times a week. The most optimal dose for achieving effectiveness is 300 mg per week. This steroid has proven itself quite well, it is suitable for athletes without problems, showing excellent results and maximum achievement of the desired indicators.


  • the weight increases to 10 kilograms per course of administration, which is 8 weeks;
  • power indicators increase by about 2 times;
  • increases libido and potency or may cause the opposite effect;
  • Trenbolone Enanthate maximizes fat burning.
  • As for the side effects, this is manifested by insomnia, pressure surges, the appearance of aggression, an increase in the level of fat content of the skin.
Active substance Trenbolone
Active ingredient, mg 200
Release form Bottle
1 bottle, ml 10
Bottles in the package, pcs 1
Manufacturer Magnus Pharmaceuticals

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