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Testosterone E 250 mg Prime
  • Testosterone E 250 mg Prime

Testosterone E 250 mg Prime | GAS0157


Description Testosterone E 250 mg Prime

A universal steroid preparation consisting of two esters of testosterone. It differs from its analogues by prolonged exposure up to 2 weeks. The drug was synthesized like other steroids in the last century and used for medical purposes. After its release, it became popular among athletes of various orientations. It is suitable for use in weightlifting and athletics, but experience and age do not play a role. Absolutely safe medication for men, which cannot be said for female athletes. The female body reacts particularly strongly to the male hormone, which is why it is rarely used for women's sporting achievements.

Positive properties of Testosterone E 250 mg Prime

  • Rapid growth of muscle mass without water and consequences for the organism.
  • There is virtually no retreat after the course.
  • It strengthens the skeleton and has a beneficial effect on joint function.
  • Promotes rapid tissue regeneration after complex injuries.
  • Increases the production of joint fluid.
  • Increases strength and endurance, has a positive effect on speed.
  • Helps athletes to endure long training sessions and quickly recover from them.
  • Improves mood and attention enhances energy levels.

Athletes value the product for its high levels of performance and ease of use. One injection once a week is enough to maintain hormonal balance in the body. It can be used during drying to reduce rollback and remove excess fat. It is worth noting that the drug will not work unless protein is included in the complex. Beginner athletes forget that protein is the material that forms muscle tissue. Protein nutrition usually consists of 90% protein and can increase anabolic function and subsequently accelerate muscle growth.

Dosage and advice from Testosterone E 250 mg Prime specialists

Before the first application, make sure that you are not allergic to the active ingredient. Also look at the method of administration and the combination with other anabolics. Most often, the drugs are combined with methane, Trenbolone, as well as with growth hormone and some peptides. To calculate the correct dosage when combining several drugs, you will need to consult a sports specialist. You can always consult our specialists by phone free of charge at the shop's website.

Negative effects during and after the course Testosterone E 250 mg Prime

  • High blood pressure resulting in headaches.
  • Aromatization and its consequences.
  • Aggression, insomnia.
  • Pain in the injection area (temporary).

After the course, you should undergo rehabilitation therapy. Do not forget about such aids as Climid and Tamoxifen.

Country EU
Substance Testosterone enanthate, Testosterone
Active ingredient, mg 250
Packaging Bottle
1 bottle, ml 10
Vials per package, pcs 1
Manufacturer Prime

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