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Sustamed 250 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals
  • Sustamed 250 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Sustamed 250 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals | GAS0111


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Transparent oil solution, from light yellow to yellow, with a characteristic odor.

Pharmacodynamic properties

Sustamed consists of four testosterone esters (propionate, phenylpropionate, isocapronate and decanoate).

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone synthesized and secreted by testicles. It stimulates the growth and development of the male genitals and secondary sexual traits (maturation of the prostate, seminal vesicles, penis and scrotum), the distribution of hair by male type on the face, pubis, and chest), the development of the larynx, body muscles and the distribution of fat. It traps nitrogen, sodium, potassium and phosphorus, increases anabolism and reduces protein catabolism. Premature increase of testosterone concentration in plasma before puberty causes closure of epiphysis and suspension of growth. It stimulates erythropoietin and erythrocyte production. By the mechanism of negative feedback inhibits the secretion of luteinizing and follicle stimulating hormones of the pituitary gland and inhibits spermatogenesis. In men with primary hypergonadotropic hypogonadism there is a normalization of gonadotropin levels.

In women, it depresses the gonadotropic function of the pituitary gland, ovarian and breast function, causes endometrial atrophy. Antagonistic action against estrogens is used in the treatment of myomas, endometriosis, breast cancer. It has a favorable effect in complaints of menopause.

Pharmacokinetic properties

Testosterone esters included in the preparation have different rates of absorption and excretion, which provides a quick and lasting (up to 4 weeks) effect after a single injection: testosterone propionate acts during the first day, the effect of testosterone phenylpropionate and isocapronate begins 24 hours after the injection and lasts up to 2 weeks. Testosterone decanoate starts its effect later, but has a longer effect. In blood, almost 98% of testosterone binds to a specific fraction of globulins that binds testosterone and estradiol. Biotransformation occurs in the liver to various 17-ketosteroids, which after conjugation with glucuronic or sulfuric acid are secreted with urine (approximately 90%). About 6% of the absorbed drug is excreted with unbound feces.


In men - androgenic insufficiency after castration, eunuchoidism, hypopituitarism, impotence of hormonal origin, symptoms of male menopause (decrease in libido, mental and physical activity), some forms of infertility with spermatogenesis disorder, osteoporosis caused by androgenic insufficiency; in women - hyper estrogenism; uterine myoma; endometriosis; breast cancer; osteoporosis.


Intramuscularly, deep into the buttock muscle. The dose is set individually depending on the indications and reaction of the patient.As a rule, 1 ml of p-r is administered to adults in 14 days; when the therapeutic effect is achieved, 1 ml of p-m is administered in 28 days. The duration of treatment is set individually.In infertility in men (azospermia, oligospermia): 2 ml 1 time every 2 weeks (in case of painful penis erection, treatment is discontinued).

The drug should not be injected intravenously!


  • Priapism and other signs of excessive sexual stimulation (frequent erection);
  • in boys in the pre-pubertary period - accelerated sexual development, increased frequency of erections, penis enlargement and premature closure of epiphysis;
  • spermatogenesis damage and spermatozoa maturation disorders, oligospermia and ejaculate volume decrease;
  • prostate gland abnormalities;
  • in women - bleeding from the birth tracts, increased libido;
  • with prolonged use of the drug, symptoms of virilization may occur;
  • hirsutism, gynecomastia;
  • seborrhea, blackheads, oily skin, accelerated hair loss;
  • delay of sodium and water, swelling;
  • symptoms of hypercalcemia;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • nausea, cholestatic jaundice, increased liver aminotransferase levels (normalize as you stop taking them);
  • headache, depression, aggressiveness, anxiety, sleep disturbance, paresthesia.

Pain, itching and hyperemia at the injection site are possible.

Country Moldova
Substance Sustanon
Active ingredient, mg 250
Packaging Ampoule
1 ampoule, ml 1
Ampoules per package, pcs 10
Manufacturer Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Release form 1 ampoule, Packaging (5 ampoules)

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