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Sustaject (Testosterone Mix – Sustanon) 250 mg Eurochem Labs | GAS-0094

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Sustaject (Testosterone Mix - Sustanon) 250 mg Eurochem Labs

Soustanan is rightly considered a unique anabolic steroid, as it combines four esters of testosterone. When it is administered to an athlete's blood, high levels of this hormone are constantly maintained. Thanks to this construction of the formula, the effect of the drug can be felt literally immediately after taking it, the next day and in a few days. The drug was developed at the time as a replacement therapy for men with a testosterone deficiency, but literally immediately became very popular among athletes.

In our online shop you can order and buy sustanon with delivery for both beginners and experienced bodybuilders. The product works effectively both in increasing muscle mass and increasing strength. It is not difficult to order sustanon in UK, the drug is in demand and therefore not a deficit. It has both bright androgenic and a significant anabolic effect.

Sustaject (Testosterone Mix - Sustanon) 250 mg Eurochem Labs - advantages and features

The cost of any steroid drug is influenced by several factors, with efficiency being one of the most important. The price of the box itself with ampoules or pills may vary significantly from vendor to vendor. We sell pharmaceuticals at low prices because we work directly with suppliers. Do not pay to resellers - visit our website.

Buying Soustanan means taking advantage of both short lived and long lived testosterone esters. This structure of the drug has an additional positive effect: the hormonal background is leveled, there are no steroid pits during the course. If we describe the steroid profile of the drug, we will see the following: the possibility of converting the drug into estrogens is 100% consistent with the androgenic and anabolic effect of testosterone, the longest of the esters that make up the substance; the drug is effective for up to 16 days on doping control and is detected within 3 months.

We refer to the effects of the proeparation:

  • rapid muscle mass growth
  • powerful anti-catabolic effect
  • significant increase in appetite
  • an increase in the number of red blood cells, which increases the transport of oxygen to muscles and
  • reduces the effect of lactic acid exposure
  • Nervous system recovery
  • increased endurance after training
  • the libido increases significantly during the reception.

Soustanon, which can be purchased relatively cheaply from us, we will deliver for you by post to any city in the UK. Delivery to London is also possible, and the price of the drug does not depend on where it is shipped.

Active substance Sustanon
Active ingredient, mg 250
Release form Bottle
1 bottle, ml 10
Bottles in the package, pcs 1
Manufacturer Eurochem Labs
Packing Bottle

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