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Stanover 10 mg Vermodje | GAS-0202

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Updated: 24/11/2021
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Description Stanover 10 mg by Vermodje

Stanover 10 mg by Vermodje is an anabolic steroid, a preparation of stanozolol, which is effectively used during drying. With rare exceptions, it is well combined with other sports pharmacology - other anabolic steroids and various peptide hormones. The drug is intended for oral administration.

Full description Stanover by Vermodje

The active substance of the tablets is stanozolol. The steroid is a modification of dihydrotestosterone, developed for medicine or veterinary medicine, which is characterized by high anabolic activity and weak androgenic properties: about 320% and 30% of testosterone, respectively. Its key advantage is the lack of aromatization (no conversion to estrogen).

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Appointment Stanover 10 mg in England

  • Promotes muscle growth (no water retention and no fat accumulation);
  • Removes excess fluid;
  • Reduces body fat;
  • Develops stiffness, relief of muscles;
  • Increases endurance and reduces fatigue;
  • Leads to an increase in strength indicators.

Thus, Stanover 10 mg stimulates the set of muscle mass. Of course, provided that the training program and nutrition plan are adjusted to meet the task at hand.

Note: Stanover tablets can suppress the activity of SHBG in the body, increasing the concentration of free testosterone in the blood, which has a positive effect on the effectiveness of most courses.

Side effects

The side effect of the Marker is mild, turning into a character when following the recommendations for taking it. But you can't completely rule out the risk of acne, high blood pressure, headaches, pain in large joints, or ligament damage. It also has a toxic effect on the liver (moderate dose-dependent hepatotoxicity).

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Active substance Stanozolol
Active ingredient, mg 10
Release form Pills
1 pill, mg 10
Blister, pills 4. 25
Manufacturer Vermodje
Packing Blister (25 pills), Packing (4 blisters)
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