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SP Trenbolon Е (Trenbolone Enanthate) 100 mg SP Laboratories | GAS-0048

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Description SP Trenbolon Е (Trenbolone Enanthate) 100 mg SP Laboratories

During the course of injection there is an increase in libido and a decrease in cortisol hormone, which accumulates fat and destroys proteins. Side effects are rare and usually typical for most steroids.

Initially, the drug was developed for veterinary purposes to increase the appetite of animals and gain weight. Naturally, this could not but interest sports professionals, so after a while it began to be actively used in bodybuilding and other popular today disciplines.

SP Trenbolon E 100 is a preparation of long steroid ether, which has a period of action up to 10-14 days. Athletes appreciate it for its prolonged anabolic and androgenic effect, which is superior to testosterone.

Wishing to learn all about the SP Trenbolon E 100, many athletes are interested in its description and side effects. In terms of chemical structure, the steroid substance is a modification of nandrolone, which is not flavorized. Steroid has a strong effect on the androgenic receptors of the cell and exhibits progestagenic activity. Therefore, the drug has the strongest effect, and, accordingly, is able to cause pronounced side effects (progestogen and androgenic).

An important advantage of these injections (as well as trenbolones from other manufacturers) is the strongest anabolic activity among analogs that are not subject to flavorization. The muscle mass gained during the course is of very high quality and relatively dry, while the increase in strength is quite significant. The affinity to the androgenic receptors of the active substance makes it even stronger than any testosterone.

It is important to make the SP Trenbolon E 100 course correct, otherwise side effects such as acne, baldness and testicular atrophy are likely. The drug suppresses the production of its own testosterone quite strongly.

The injections can be used both on drying and during the period of weight gain, and the products of disintegration of the drug are found in the blood up to 4-5 months. Therefore, it is better to start the course in advance before the competition. If you apply it within the recommended doses, the side effects will be minor. And protecting yourself with the help of auxiliary pharmacology such as mesrorolone (Proviron) and gonadotropin (Horagon), so in general you can reduce to nothing almost all the negative manifestations.

Without the use of gonadotropin SP Trenbolon E 100 application course should not last more than 4 weeks. If the drug and gonadotropin are used together, the course can be extended up to 8 weeks. To restore the production of its own testosterone must be post-course therapy (more often chosen the drug tamoxifene or clomiphene citrate). For women, steroid is contraindicated because of its high androgenic activity.

Active substance Trenbolone
Active ingredient, mg 100
Release form Bottle
1 bottle, ml 10
Bottles in the package, pcs 1
Manufacturer SP Laboratories
Packing Bottle

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