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Somatropin 12 mg Saizen | GAS-0292

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Indications for use

Growth hormone deficiency in the body (pituitary nanism, pituitary dwarfism); chronic renal failure in children, accompanied by growth retardation; Shereshevsky-Turner syndrome.

Dosage regimen

Set individually. Usually, a p/c of 0.07-0.1 IU/kg is administered 1 time/day, and in some cases-0.14-0.2 IU / kg every other day.

Side effects

From the endocrine system:

  • hyperglycemia, increased symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Allergic reactions:

  • skin rash, itching, increased titer of antibodies to somatropin.


  • headache, swelling.
  • Local reactions:
  • soreness, redness at the injection site.

Contraindications to use

  • Malignant neoplasms, pregnancy, lactation, hypersensitivity to somatropin.
  • Use during pregnancy and lactation
  • It is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation.

Special instructions

It is not used in patients with completed bone growth.

With caution, it is used in patients with diabetes mellitus (blood sugar level control is required and, if necessary, an increase in the dose of insulin). Insufficient thyroid function may reduce the effectiveness of somatropin. In the case of a hypothyroid condition, thyroid hormones should be administered.

Drug interaction

When used concomitantly with corticosteroids, the effectiveness of somatropin decreases.

Active substance Somatropin
Active ingredient, mg 12
Release form Cartridge
Manufacturer Saizen

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