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Pregnyl 5000 Original 5000 IU Organon
  • Pregnyl 5000 Original 5000 IU Organon

Pregnyl 5000 Original 5000 IU Organon | GAS0134


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Product description Pregnyl 5000 Original 5000 IU Organon

Pregnil contains HGh (human chorionic gonadotropin). This hormone has biological activity similar to that of LH (luteinizing hormone). LH is indispensable for normal growth and maturation of female and male gametes and for the formation of sex hormones. In women: Pregnyl is used as a substitute for the release in the middle of an endogenous LH cycle to induce the final phase of follicle maturation leading to ovulation. Pregnyl is also used as a substitute for endogenous LH during the luteal phase. In men and boys: Pregnyl is used to stimulate Leidig cells to accelerate testosterone formation.


Hypersensitivity to human gonadotropins or any component of the drug; tumours that have been identified or suspected to be dependent on sex hormones. In women (optional): genital malformation, incompatible with pregnancy; uterine fibrosis, incompatible with pregnancy. . In men: treatment of male patients with HGH results in an increase in androgen production.

Side effects:

Immune system disorders: In rare cases, a generalized rash or fever may occur. General abnormalities and conditions at the injection site: reactions may occur at the injection site when using Pregnil, e.g. bruising, pain, redness, swelling and itching. In some cases, allergic reactions have been reported, most of which manifested as pain and/or rash at the injection site. In women: vascular disorders: in rare cases thromboembolism has been associated with FSH/HGH therapy, usually associated with severe ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (SHS). Respiratory, thoracic and mediastinal disorders: hydrothorax as a complication of severe SHS.

Gastrointestinal disorders: abdominal pain and gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea and diarrhoea associated with moderate SHS. Ascites as a complication of severe SGY. Reproductive and breast disorders: undesirable ovarian hyperstimulation, moderate to severe CHY; mammary gland soreness, small to medium ovarian enlargement and ovarian cysts associated with moderate CHY; large ovarian cysts (prone to rupture) usually associated with severe CHY. According to the study: increased body weight as a sign of severe CHN. In men and boys: metabolic and nutritional disorders: in some cases, water and sodium are delayed when administered high doses; this is believed to be due to excess androgen formation. Reproductive and breast disorders: HGH treatment can sporadically cause gynecomastia.

Country Holland
Substance Gonadotropin
Active ingredient, mg 5000
Packaging Ampoule
1 ampoule, ml 1
Ampoules per package, pcs 1
Manufacturer Organon
Release form 1 ampoule

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