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Description of PEG MGF 5 mg Peptide Sciences

Peg-MGF (Mechanical Growth Factor) is a substance similar to Insulin-like growth factor in its qualities and properties. Peg-MGF stands for Mechano Growth Factor in English. The principle of Peg-MGF (Mechano Growth Factor) is based on the same mechanism and processes occurring in the human body as the Somatotropic Growth Hormone and Insulin-like Growth Factor. In other words, it promotes the growth of cells in muscle tissue and also awakens and forces the 'sleeping' cells in muscle tissue to hypertrophie. Peg-MGF (Mechanical Growth Factor) starts working on this principle immediately after physical activity and stress.

Adding Peg to the name Peg-MGF (Mechanical Growth Factor) means that the Mechanical Growth Factor molecule has been pegged, i.e. combined with polyethylene glycol. This process is due to the fact that the Mechanical Growth Factor molecule in its normal state breaks down very quickly in the human body, and in order to prolong its action, pegging was performed. Polyethylene glycol protects the Mechanical Growth Factor molecule from rapid degradation, but does not reduce its performance or properties in any way.

The main effects of applying Peg-MGF (Mechanical Growth Factor) are as follows:

  • increase in muscle tissue volume, the so-called muscle hypertrophy.
  • acceleration of muscle growth by increasing the intensity of hyperplasia - the rate of division of muscle tissue cells.
  • reduction in subcutaneous fat reserves (by approximately 5-6%).
  • Increase in the level of endurance of an athlete.
  • Expansion and growth of new vessels in muscle and bone tissues.
  • Improved muscle definition and relief.

Since Peg-MGF (Mechanical Growth Factor) is a substance of complex action due to its mechanism of action, additional effects in its application are: improving the health of the immune system, skin and hair; neuroprotection (protection of the central nervous system); acceleration of healing processes and produces an anti-inflammatory effect, i.e. it actually speeds up recovery processes after physical activity and stress; strengthening of bone tissue; reduction of "bad" cholesterol levels.

All these effects are undoubtedly extremely positive. Peg-MGF (Mechanical Growth Factor) is a modern product that will replace very harmful anabolic steroid drugs. Scientific studies have shown that with Peg-MGF (Mechanical Growth Factor), muscle cross-section has increased by 25%, whereas with Insulin-like growth factor it has increased by only 15%! This means that Peg-MGF (Mechanical Growth Factor) is one of the most effective drugs in the world!

Country USA
Substance Peptide
Active ingredient, mg 5
Packaging Bottle
1 bottle, ml 10
Vials per package, pcs 5
Manufacturer Peptide Sciences
Release form 1 bottle, Paking (5 bottles)

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