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Oxymetholone (Anabol) 50 mg Iran hormone
  • Oxymetholone (Anabol) 50 mg Iran hormone

Oxymetholone (Anabol) 50 mg Iran hormone | GAS0062


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Active component:Oxymetholone Form of issue: 50 mg Producer: Oxymetholone (Anabol) 50 mg Iran hormoneCountry:Iran

Oxymetholone (Anabol) 50 mg Iran hormone has a strong increase in strength primarily due to the increased synthesis of creatine phostatase in myocytes without causing fluid accumulation in the body. It becomes simply necessary in sports where overweight is not desirable.

Oxymetholone (Anabol) 50 mg Iran hormone lack of flavouring ability results in virtually no accumulation of fluid in the body, so it is simply impossible to gain more than two kilos of weight on a given steroid. This is why it is a choice product for competition preparations in sports where you cannot gain many kilos or get a watery look.

Oxymetholone will help you achieve incredible results when taken with Clenbuterol at the same time. It does not help build muscles on its own, but can enhance the effects of other anabolics: Primabolan, Masteron, Boldenon, testosterone derivatives that contribute to weight gain.

Country Iran
Substance Oxymetholone
Active ingredient, mg 50
1 tablet, mg 50
Packaging Tablet
Manufacturer Iran hormone
Release form Blister (10 tablets), Packing (10 blisters)
Blisters, tablets 10,10

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