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Oxandrolonos 10 mg Pharmacom Labs
  • Oxandrolonos 10 mg Pharmacom Labs

Oxandrolonos 10 mg Pharmacom Labs | GAS0139

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Oxandrolonos from Pharmacom Labs belongs to anabolic androgenic steroids. The active ingredient is oxandrolonos. Oxandrolon is produced in oral form. It is used by athletes to maintain muscle mass and improve physical performance. It is not rarely used in drying courses. The product has very high anabolic activity, and low androgenic activity.

The effects of

Taking Oxandrolonos Farmakom Labs has had such positive effects:

  • the relief, hardness and density of muscle mass are improved;
  • increases in strength and endurance;
  • increases the production of growth hormone;
  • removal of subcutaneous fat deposits;
  • excess fluid accumulated in muscle fibres is eliminated.

Taking the product may be accompanied by side effects - virilisation, acne, gynaecomastia. These symptoms can be avoided if you use the product correctly and follow strict instructions. If side effects occur, the administration should be interrupted (you can resume after a while).

Country Moldau
Substance Oxandrolone
Active ingredient, mg 10
1 tablet, mg 10
Packaging Tablet
Manufacturer Pharmacom Labs
Release form Blister (50 tablets), Packing (2 blisters)
Blisters, tablets 2,50

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