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Oxandrolone 20 mg Zhengzhou
  • Oxandrolone 20 mg Zhengzhou

Oxandrolone 20 mg Zhengzhou | GAS0043


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Manufacturer: Zhengzhou PharmaceuticalForm of issue: 20mg 25tabActive component: oxandroloneCountry: China

What is Zhengzhou Oxandrolone?

Zhengzhou Oxandrolone is a steroid with medium anabolic action and low androgenic effect. The creator of Oxandrolone is American scientist Rafael Peppo. The drug, originally designed to treat anemia and recover from burns, was first distributed in 1964. The drug was named Anavar.

Zhengzhou Oxandrolone is most suitable for athletics, as the drug significantly improves speed and endurance, reaching its full potential. Bodybuilders have several reasons for using Zhengzhou Oxandrolone. A beginner athlete who is afraid of anabolic steroids with pronounced side effects may choose Zhengzhou Oxandrolone for their first year, but due to its relatively high cost, it is used more often by professional athletes. Bodybuilders with extensive experience in using anabolic steroids use Zhengzhou Oxandrolone as a relief after strong drugs. Another reason is drying, eyeliner before the competition. In this case, the course includes several other products besides Zhengzhou Oxandrolone.

The most valuable feature of Zhengzhou Oxandrolone is its ability to increase the relief and hardness of muscles.

Zhengzhou Oxandrolone's ability to burn fat, increase growth hormone levels and significantly increase strength is also highly valued.

Zhengzhou Oxandrolone is most often used specifically for muscle mass gain. However, this steroid is most suitable for athletes who already boast sufficient muscle mass and no excess fat in their bodies. For these athletes, Oxandrolone will help make their muscles more resilient and reduce the layer of subcutaneous fat.

Country China
Substance Oxandrolone
Active ingredient, mg 20
1 tablet, mg 20
Packaging Tablet
Manufacturer Zhengzhou
Release form Blister (25 tablets), Packing (2 blisters)
Blisters, tablets 2,25

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