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Norditropin Original 30 IU Novo Nordisk | GAS-0168

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Nordictropine is widely used in various sports. However, it is most popular with bodybuilders, who need to gain quality muscle mass in a relatively short period of time. Any athlete who uses such drugs must understand how it works. This will increase the efficacy of the steroid and also avoid negative effects.

How Norditropin Original 30 IU Novo Nordisk is taken

Since Nordictropine is a growth hormone, it is injected under the skin rather than in the vein. The active ingredient will thus quickly enter the bloodstream and begin to work. The maximum value of the drug in the blood is reached 4-6 hours after the injection. However, this is only half the substance, while the other half reaches the bloodstream in just half an hour. Norditropin acts on the body from the liver, where molecules in the blood are delivered.

This drug is often called the insulin-like growth factor. The course helps build quality muscle mass and remove excess fat. As growth slows down over the course of a person's life, taking the 'growth hormone' is aimed precisely at restoring physical development. For bodybuilders, taking growth hormone is a good thing. Because it is possible to achieve high results with this method and, most importantly, to do it fairly quickly. Often such preparations are taken together with thyroid hormone, insulin and anabolics.

To build excellent muscles and develop their bodies, athletes prefer to buy Norditropin Original 30 IU Novo Nordisk, which is valued in sports circles.

Active substance Somatropin
Active ingredient, IU 30
Release form Cartridge
Manufacturer Novo Nordisk

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