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IGF1 LR3 1 mg Canada Peptides | GAS-0310

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IGF1 LR3 is a peptide agent, an analog of the insulin-like growth factor. It differs from similar drugs in the composition of the prolonged duration of action.


IGF-1 builds new muscle tissue by promoting nitrogen retention and protein synthesis. This causes muscle growth both through hyperplasia (i.e., an increase in the number of muscle cells) and through mitogenesis (i.e., the actual growth of new muscle fibers). Thus, IGF-1 not only increases muscle fibers, but also makes them bigger!

However, the effects of IGF-1 are not limited to the creation of new muscles. It has a powerful effect on lipid (fat) metabolism and helps the body burn fat at a significantly increased rate. In addition, IGF-1 is both a neuroprotector and a neuromotor that improves mental functions such as reflexes, memory, and learning ability. IGF is also important for the production of connective tissue and ensuring proper bone density.

Although IGF-1 is very powerful in building muscle and burning fat, the Lr3 version of IGF-1 is about 2-3 times more powerful.


You inject 1 ml of water into a vial of IGF1-LR3 from a water bottle. 1 full syringe is 1 ml. Then you wait for the contents of the powder bottle to dissolve ON ITS OWN. DO NOT SHAKE THE BOTTLE TO MIX THE POWDER. After dissolving and transparent color. You inject 0.05 (50 mcg) into the muscle bilaterally. So this means directly into the muscle and bilaterally means that you divide 50 mcg into 25 mcg and 25 mcg and inject into the corresponding body part on the other side of the body. Enter 25 mcg into the biceps of the right arm, and then 25 mcg into the other half of the body as an example. The bottle should last from 18 to 20 days.

Active substance Peptide
Active ingredient, mg 1
Release form Bottle
1 bottle, ml 10
Bottles in the package, pcs 1
Manufacturer Canada Peptides
Packing Bottle

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