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Hexarelin 2 mg Peptide Sciences
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Description of Hexarelin 2 mg Peptide Sciences

This peptide stimulates the body to produce its own growth hormone. The drug can be compared to GHRP 2, but there is a reduced latency of prolactin and cortisol. Hexarelin 2mg from Peptide Sciences is taken at different times: some athletes use it for drying, some prefer to gain weight with it. Of course, the final outcome depends not only on the product, but also on the diet, the training process and the body's condition.

Advantages of Hexarelin 2 mg Peptide Sciences

  • Rapid recovery after exhausting loads;
  • Improved progress from training;
  • Increased strength of the athlete;
  • Excess fat is burned;
  • Increased relief of the body;
  • The product rejuvenates the skin and improves the condition of hair;
  • The immunity is strengthened;
  • There is an anti-inflammatory effect;
  • There is no negative effect on the liver.

Hexarelin is in high demand among powerlifters and bodybuilders, as it fits athletes perfectly.

Acceptance of Hexarelin 2 mg Peptide Sciences

This peptide is characterised by a short action time, so it costs three times a day to take it. The interval between dosages is approximately 5 hours. Specialists advise to calculate the volume based on the proportion of 2 µg/1kg of athlete's weight. After you have injected, do not eat for half an hour.

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Country USA
Substance Peptide
Active ingredient, mg 2
Packaging Bottle
1 bottle, ml 10
Vials per package, pcs 5
Manufacturer Peptide Sciences
Release form 1 bottle, Paking (5 bottles)

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