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GHRP 6 5 mg Peptide Sciences | GAS-0184

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Description of GHRP 6 5 mg Peptide Sciences

This drug effectively increases the body's own production of growth hormone. Thanks to this, the athlete quickly gains the right amount of muscle mass and burns extra fat. A special feature of GHRP 6 is that it also works to help the athlete recover from his injuries.

Advantages of GHRP 6 5mg Peptide Sciences

  • It promotes the production of growth hormone, which is very important for any athlete. The muscle mass grows accordingly and the fat layer is removed;
  • Sleep is normalised - the athlete recovers more quickly after hard work. The strength to train is increased;
  • Your metabolism and appetite improves. In this way, a person gains dry, quality muscles more quickly;
  • The body rejuvenates itself. This manifests itself in internal changes, and also in the improvement of skin condition;
  • There is a decrease in blood sugar and bad cholesterol;
  • There is an increase in muscle endurance;
  • The drug has an anti-infection effect. 
  • The drug is mainly useful for bodybuilders. Powerlifters and weightlifters do not take GHRP 6 because there is practically no increase in strength.

Taking GHRP 6

The course must be calculated based on their own weight. Normally 100 µg of the drug is taken per kilogram of weight. It is best not to raise the dosage, because it will not lead to impressive results. The dosage should be divided into three doses per day. Take a peptide 15 minutes before eating and training. In half an hour the secretion of the growth hormone will increase, and in two hours it will return to its original state. The course usually lasts from 6 to 12 weeks.

Side effects GHRP 6

A side effect of GHRP 6 5mg Peptide Sciences is an increased appetite. Such an effect can interfere with the athlete's appetite. Apply a fractional meal at this time. After three weeks of intake, appetite returns to normal.

Buy GHRP 6 5mg

GHRP 6 5mg from Peptide Sciences is a really good and effective drug. You can buy the original peptide in our shop. Make an order and we will ship the goods as soon as possible.

Active substance Peptide
Active ingredient, mg 5
Release form Bottle
1 bottle, ml 10
Bottles in the package, pcs 5
Manufacturer Peptide Sciences
Packing Packing (5 bottles), Bottle

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