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Genotropin Original 16 IU Pfizer Labs | GAS-0143

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Main advantages of Genotropin Original 16 IU Pfizer Labs

For bolybilders, the most valuable property of the hormone Genotropin is its effect on muscle mass. The drug belongs to anabolics, so regardless of a person's genetic predisposition, it will make muscle tissue grow.

Another advantage for which athletes value Genotropin is its ability to remove excess fat from the body. Weightlifters love this product because it helps strengthen the entire bone system. This means that the load on joints and ligaments during strength exercises and lifting weights will be significantly reduced by increasing their strength. This means that bodybuilders will also be significantly less injured.

How does Genotropin affect the body?

The growth hormone Genotropin has the following effects on the human body:

  • accelerates the burning of the fat layer;
  • thanks to its anabolic effect, it helps build muscle tissue;
  • promotes stability, strength and hardening;
  • makes joints, tendons and cartilages stronger;
  • promotes good appetite.

If an athlete does not have a positive development after the Genotropin course, it means that either the amount of hormone was not enough or the body lacks the thyroid hormone. A steroid course together with hormones and vitamins will help to correct this situation. In addition to bolybilders, the growth hormone Genotropin Original 16 IU Pfizer Labs is also actively used by other athletes. Fortified athletes, as well as runners, take the drug to achieve the best possible results in competitions.

Contraindications to Genotropin Original 16 IU Pfizer Labs

As with any drug that contains recombinant growth hormone, Genotropin has several contraindications. Among them:

  • kidney malfunctions;
  • benign neoplasms;
  • childbearing and HB;
  • emergency conditions that require urgent specialist care.

How to take Genotropin

If an athlete decides to buy Genotropin, he or she will have to seek advice from a professional coach. Only he will be able to design an individual training course that takes into account the use of growth hormone.

As for general recommendations on the dosage of Genotropin, doctors recommend subcutaneous administration of the drug in small doses to different places. This is because injections of Genotropin in the same place can lead to skin deflection due to scorched internal fat. The duration of the course may vary from 1.5 to 3-4 months. Although the course can be very long, it should be maintained until the end of the course, as insufficient supply of growth hormone will not have the expected effect.

Once the course of Genotropin has started, there is no need to increase the dose, as the effect of the new body will remain long. By increasing the muscles, the terrain and volume will not go anywhere, and constant training and sports nutrition will support the results achieved for a very long time.

Active substance Somatropin
Active ingredient, IU 16
Active ingredient, mg 5,3
Manufacturer Pfizer Labs

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