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Clenbuterol 40 mkg Balkan Pharmaceuticals
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Clenbuterol from Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Clenbuterol is a quality sports additive that is used by athletes in various sports. The manufacturer of this product is Balkan Pharmaceuticals, a Moldovan pharmaceutical company already known to a wide range of bodybuilders and weightlifters.

The biological orientation of the sport supplement is to burn subcutaneous fat. The active ingredient was invented back in the last century and was originally used for medical purposes (asthma was treated with it).

  • Aqua component: clenbuterol hydrochloride
  • Production form: 40 mcg 100 tab
  • Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
  • Country: Moldova

How does Clenbuterol work when it enters the body?

When it enters the body, a substance that is beta-2 agonist accelerates metabolism, which leads to effective and rapid burning of fat tissue. Biologically, Clenbuterol from Balkan Pharmaceuticals does not belong to the category of steroids, so it can be taken even in the preparatory period for professional competitions.

Effectively take this sports drug at the stages of drying the body. It has an anti-catabolic effect, which is actively expressed at the moment of dieting. In tandem with sports nutrition (protein, ESAA), you can save muscle mass by getting rid of several kilograms of fatty tissues. The final result depends on the initial body weight of the sportsman.

How best to take Clenbuterol

Before buying Clenbuterol, it is recommended to undergo a general examination to determine the hormonal background. Many athletes take a course of steroids in parallel, as the active ingredient of the described drug does not affect hormones and their synthesis. Therefore, a tandem of steroids and Clenbuterol is considered safe. An example for taking a combined course is Turanobol, Sustabol and others.

This drug is produced by Balkan Pharmaceuticals pharmaceutical company in tablet format. The recommended duration of the course to achieve the desired effect is at least two to three weeks. For athletes weighing from 85 kilograms it is possible to take it for six weeks. Specialists do not recommend combining Clenbuterol with ketotifen, because after a few days the body will get used to the substance, and the effect will disappear.

The normalized dosage is up to 110 mkg. Note that this value is much lower than one milligram (this dosage is dangerous to health and can be fatal). The initial stage of taking is 20-25 µg by gradually increasing to the working dose.

The price of Clenbuterol from Balkan Pharmaceuticals allows you to take it for a long time, even with a limited budget.

General advantages of Clenbuterol

Taking into account the low risk of side effects, such a giro burner is very popular among performing athletes.

The general list of the drug's advantages should be highlighted:

  • active biological effect on the body;
  • catalyzing metabolism, which leads to burning of subcutaneous fat;
  • safety of intake (only within the limits of a normalized dose);
  • the possibility of taking a combined course of the drug together with steroids;
  • visual effect can be noticed already in one week after the start;
  • short course from two to three weeks.

How do side effects occur in Clenbuterol?

Although this substance does not belong to the steroid group, some side effects may occur in some cases. If the normalized dosage is observed, headaches and palpitations may occur during the course. This effect is most often manifested during the first seven days from the start. Keep a close eye on the dosage you are taking. The maximum rate is 120 micrograms, regardless of body weight.

One of the common misconceptions about this drug is that it has an anabolic effect. This is a mistake, because the biologically active substance is a beta-2 agonist without affecting the increase in strength, testosterone production or muscle mass.

Country Moldova
Substance Clenbuterol
Active ingredient, mg 0,04
1 tablet, mg 0,04
Packaging Tablet
Manufacturer Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Release form Blister (25 tablets), Packing (4 blisters)
Blisters, tablets 4,25

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