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CJC 1295 2 mg Canada Peptides | GAS-0177

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Description CJC 1295 2 mg Canada Peptides

The CJC-1295 peptide from Canada Peptides is a nano-protein that stimulates the production of growth hormone in the body. It has a direct effect on the pituitary gland that produces somatotropin or growth hormone. The latter is responsible for anabolic and regenerative processes and, therefore, for increasing muscle mass.

The drug has long been used in the West. According to research results, even a single use of this drug increases the body's growth hormone by several times.

According to numerous reviews, CJC-1295 is an effective remedy for muscle anabolism and hypertrophy. Its mechanism of action is similar to anabolic steroids, but has no side effects.

Regular use of the drug makes it possible to achieve these results:

  • to increase energy;
  • to improve the quality of sleep;
  • build muscles;
  • burn fat;
  • improve the condition of skin, hair, nails and teeth;
  • increase immunity.

The drug is not only used by athletes; it is also effective in medicine. CJC-1295 is used to correct human development disorders, accelerate healing of wounds and burns, and treat other diseases.

Application of CJC-1295 2mg Canada Peptides

For rejuvenating effects, the drug is used once a day before bed. For anabolic purposes, up to 3 injections per day are recommended. It is recommended to dilute the product with bactericidal water.

Active substance Peptide
Active ingredient, mg 2
Release form Bottle
1 bottle, ml 10
Bottles in the package, pcs 1
Manufacturer Canada Peptides
Packing Bottle

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