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Anapolon 50 mg Prime
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Indications and effects of Anapolone Prime

This anabolic steroid promotes the accumulation of water in muscle tissues, which makes muscles more massive and inflated. In addition, the accumulated fluid has a positive effect on joint function, so gaining weight and increasing training intensity does not negatively affect the condition of bones and ligaments.

Anapolone acts very quickly. In just 2 weeks, an average muscle gain of 2-7 kg is achieved. This is why representatives of power sports give preference to this particular product. This active steroid gives very rapid results. By the way, on the eve of competitions, during the drying period bodybuilders use Oximetolone to become even 'juicier', as it gives rise to venousity. And this effect is very difficult to achieve when the body is dehydrated.

Anapolone is used to treat low erythrocyte counts (anemia). Anabolic increases the number of red blood cells by increasing erythropoietin hormone levels.

By taking steroid, an athlete feels the stunning effect of increasing muscle count. In addition, the athlete gains weight because Anapolone (Oxymetolone) increases his appetite.

Instructions on Oxymetolone (Anapolon) and a detailed description, real feedback from athletes after using the drug - can be found on the website of the official distributor in Ukraine, in the online shop Here you will find original certified medications and guaranteed protection against counterfeiting.

Additional properties

Like Stanozolol and Oxandrolone, this steroid burns subcutaneous fat, especially in the abdominal area, but this requires specific, usually high dosages. In such cases, the water accumulates much less and then the drug shows itself to be a strong fat burner. Oxymetolone also reduces the globulin level, which increases the effect of other steroids. Thanks to this preparation, muscle and other tissues in the body become more sensitive to testosterone.

Contrary to popular belief that Anapolone is perhaps the most powerful steroid, its effect is comparable to that of Metandienone. Both steroids are approximately equal in effectiveness. They have very little ability to stabilise androgenic receptors, but a strong non-genomic activity.

What effect does Anapolone have?

  • Increases in muscle volume;
  • An increase in strength performance;
  • Burning of subcutaneous fat;
  • Increased appetite;
  • Increase in the number of red blood cells;
  • Development of venousity.

Reconciliation and use of Oxymetolone

Anapolone can be used solo, but it is best combined with other anabolic steroids with pronounced genomic activity. For example, with Oxandrolone, Boldenone and Testosterone. Combinations of Oximetolone and Nandrolone are best avoided, as both drugs have pronounced progestogen activity. However, this activity can be reduced by using drugs containing Stanosol such as Strombafort or Strombajectaqua.

Oxymetolone should only be used in strict and short terms. Usually it is 2-3, or even 4 weeks. But by no means longer than 6 weeks, because the drug is toxic to the liver. The effect of using Oxymetolone strongly depends on its dosage. 50-150 mg of the preparation per day contributes significantly to water retention. But with a dosage of 200 mg/day, the water retention rate will be much lower. In general, the recommended dosage depends on the weight of the athlete. For 1 kg of weight, 5 mg of steroid is usually taken. But at 100 kg, 300 mg/day should be more than enough for the athlete.

It is worth noting that Oxymetolone has one significant disadvantage - the weight of an athlete that he or she has gained through the drug can fall quickly. In such cases, after completing Oximetolone, bodybuilders switch to another anabolic steroid (suvanan, testosterone enantate, deca-durabolin).

Possible side effects of Anapolone

Anapolone is considered the most toxic steroid for the liver in the pharmaceutical industry. But here many athletes note that the liver recovers when the drug is no longer used. It is therefore very important to consult a doctor before using it.

Among the very pronounced side effects are the accumulation of water in muscles, which can make training almost unbearable. Other common side effects include high blood pressure, gynaecomastia, acne, diarrhoea, vomiting, nausea, insomnia and abdominal pain. Some men have baldness, prostate carcinoma, testicular atrophy or frequent erections.

Side effects in women from Oxymetolone include voice changes, facial or breast hair, clitoris enlargement, menstrual disorders. Both sexes may also have increased or decreased libido.

Country EU
Substance Oxymetholone
Active ingredient, mg 50
1 tablet, mg 50
Packaging Tablet
Manufacturer Prime
Release form Sachet (50 tablets)

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