Effects Of Using Dianabol Steroid

Some of the side effects include:

i) Bloating and Water Retention

The typical side effect you are likely to face with the steroid is additional bloating and water retention. The side effects can be experienced but are mostly exaggerated. Generally, your diet will determine whether or not you will experience the side effects. If your food is not on point, you should expect increased bloating when using D bol.

ii) High Blood Pressure

Dianabol is also known to increase the possibility of suffering from high blood pressure. Therefore, it is essential to start taking the steroid at a low dosage and check your body's adjustment as you increase your dose. Generally, the higher the dosage you choose, the more likely you are to suffer from high blood pressure. 

However, the side effect is not guaranteed to happen to all people. Some people use D-bol without experiencing any side effects.

iii) Gynecomastia

Another possible side effect of using Dbol is the development of male breasts (gynecomastia). While the steroid does not aromatize well, when taken in higher amounts, it can convert to estrogen and may lead to gynecomastia.

When using D-bol, it is advisable to take it as part of a stack. The steroid can turn off the natural production of testosterone in your body and therefore, stacking it with testosterone is recommended. If you do not find Dianabol to be right for you, it may be time to look for another oral steroid.

Is it Safe to Use D Bol?

If you are performing a cycle with D-bol, it's best to keep the potential side effects that can be experienced in mind. However, the side effects can be avoided if you take precautions and follow the recommended dosages.

Taking higher doses of Dianabol increases your risk of suffering from various side effects. Typically, you should take D-bol doses of between 25mg to 50mg per day. Taking more than 50mg of the compound per day is known to cause headaches and intolerable back pumps among many users. That is why most experienced users recommend 25mg per day as the effective dose, especially when the steroid is combined with another compound, for example, Test E.

Where to Buy Dianabol

Several online supplement shops offer Dianabol for sale. Before you buy the steroid, you should investigate the composition of the brand you are interested in. Asking for advice and recommendations from top bodybuilding forums or your local gym can help you avoid buying steroids that will do you more harm than good.

The above is an overview of the short and long term effects of using Dianabol.