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Testosterone enanthate

Biopten (Testosterone Enantate U.S.P.) 250 mg AdamLabs

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SP Enanthate (Testosteron Enanthate) SP Laboratories

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Testodex Enanthate 250 mg Sciroxx

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Testosteron Depo (Testosteron Enanthato) 250 mg Galenika

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Testosterona E 250 mg Prime

Description Testosterone E 250 mg PrimeA universal steroid preparation consisting of two esters of t..

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Testosterone enantate is an androgenic, anabolic steroid, or rather its ether, which effectively affects muscle tissue.

History of its appearance

Testosteron e was first synthesized in 1952. It was used in medicine and was administered in cases where there was a lack of natural testosterone production in the body.

It is now actively used in sports, mainly in bodybuilding.

Action on the organism:

  • The speed of movement in the body increases.
  • Your strength and muscles recover quickly after exhausting training.
  • Adds vital energy to the athlete.
  • Good fluid retention, then reduces the likelihood of injury.
  • Improves metabolism and metabolism.
  • Protein is more quickly synthesized and absorbed.
  • Provides fast and quality muscle mass gain.
  • Improves athlete's strength performance.
  • Develops male sex hormones.
  • Stimulates regeneration processes.
  • Charges motivation and warns of overtraining.

Recommendations for use:

The drug is slowly absorbed, so it should be taken up to 2 times a week, not every day.

The drug is not suitable for women, as there is a very strong possibility of a side effect - masculinisation.

Testosterone enantate courses:

1. Solo course. Introduced 2 times a week when a person reaches the age of majority and undergoes a full medical examination. Optimum injectable dose from 200 to 500 milligrams. The exact dosage is determined individually, taking into account many body factors. Beginners are advised to start with a dose of 250 ml so that they can trace the body's reaction to this steroid. Also, this dose is absolutely safe. Gradually, depending on the increase in body weight, the injection volume may change.

The duration of the course should be between 2 and 2.5 months. Then the therapy should be carried out after 3 weeks of the course.

2. Propirion and testosterone E

Provirion is taken to avoid estrogen side effects of testosterone.

Course outline.

1 - 3 weeks - Testosterone enantate.

3 - 8 weeks - Testosterone e + Proviryon.

Week 9 - Provyrion.

3 - Testosterone can be used with Trenbolone, Nandrolone, Metandrostenolone, Anapolone. Doses are reduced to the recommended minimum as in the case of solo.

Side effects (if rational doses and duration of administration are not followed):

  • Gynaecomastia.
  • Oedema.
  • Fat deposits are possible.
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Pharma Test E 300 mg Pharmacom Labs 60 €
Enanject (Testosterone Enanthate) 250 mg Eurochem Labs 38 €
Enandrol (Testosterona E) 250 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals 60 €