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Testosterone aqueous suspension

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Testosterone Suspension 50 mg GM Pharmaceuticals
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Updated: 02/02/2022
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Pharmacological Action of Testosterone aqueous suspension

Testosterone suspension is testosterone in its pure form without the addition of esters, dissolved in an aqueous suspension, which makes it most effective. Exactly as much testosterone as you injected goes into the blood, let's say you injected 50 mg of suspension, then exactly 50 mg of testosterone goes into the bloodstream. It is good because it enters the blood instantly, so that the maximum peak of testosterone is reached in the shortest possible time. The lack of esters means that the half-life of testosterone occurs within hours, which is good for competitive athletes.

Testosterone suspension consists of testosterone crystals in an aqueous solution, which, like winstrol, precipitate at the bottom of the ampoule. Therefore, it is necessary to shake the ampoule before injection.

Other properties of the suspension are identical to testosterone esters.

Application of Testosterone aqueous suspension

Usually it is applied by the classical scheme on 50-100mg day before competitions in speed-power sports, or every day on 50-100mg. Additionally, taking anti-estrogens (tamoxifen, clomed, proviron, arimidex) is mandatory.

In bodybuilding, dosages can go from 100 mg and up to 200 mg per day and thousands of 1000 mg per week, such dosages are not recommended to avoid severe side effects such as sterility, gynecomastia, high blood pressure and intrarenal pressure, etc. It is mostly used by pro athletes of all sports.

Usually, women do not use as it would be impossible to prevent the effects of virilization.

Effects of Testosterone aqueous suspension

  • Rapid half-life
  • Anabolic effects are achieved within 24 hours after the first injection
  • Muscle growth
  • Fat burning effect
  • Increased muscle definition and definition of muscle tone
  • Rapid increase in strength
  • Increase in libido (on course)

Side Effects of Testosterone aqueous suspension

Maximum peak testosterone due to its instantaneous action also provokes quite severe androgenic effects such as acne, fluid retention, and gynecomastia. At high doses, it is quite toxic to the liver, as are all testosterone esters in principle.

Some athletes also report quite painful injections.

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