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Pharma Test100 (Aquatest) 100 mg Pharmacom Labs

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Availability and price of testosterone propionate is another important advantage. This product is one of the most affordable on the domestic market. Of course, this does not mean that testosterone is a steroid for the poor. This drug allows an athlete's body to recover several times faster, as it increases the production of creatine phosphate by the body.

That is why many athletes, regardless of wealth, try to use at least one androgen for the steroid cycle just before the competition, especially since the price of testosterone propionate is very attractive. Propionate in this case is ideal not only because it costs cheap, but also because it is a proven drug, whereas the same andriol costs much more, and its effects are still poorly understood.

What else people "love" propionate for is its rapidity. Immediately after taking it, it begins to work very quickly and "worked" its way out, just as quickly. This point is especially important for those who have to undergo doping control - these athletes can safely buy testosterone propionate and approach the championship with it, as its urine content after injection decreases in direct proportion to the lower concentration of testosterone in the blood. The sharp drop to the level of '6', of course, remains above the norm, but the doping control does not determine this figure, but the body does not have time to get into catabolism either.

Many people have probably heard about the harm of this drug, although in practice it rarely leads to any complications. Kidney and liver problems can only occur if you overdose, but gynaecomastia and acne are unfortunately not uncommon. This is because propionate acts as a brake and the body produces its own free testosterone more slowly.

The problem is solved simply by taking medication such as proviron, gonadotropin or nolvadex at the end of the steroid course. "The test is considered one of the most moderate steroids in terms of price, quality and side effects on the body. From this it should be concluded that those people who want to gain muscle mass should definitely choose testosterone and buy testosterone at the best price at our online shop.

We should speak separately about the effect of propionate on the female body. If you take it correctly - and women, unlike men, should be injected much less often - there will be no androgenic side effects.

The main thing about this is that the correct intervals between injections will help to reduce testosterone levels periodically, but the androgens will not accumulate in the female body. This is why it is recommended that women of the fair sex take testosterone propionate every 5-7 days. Trained women, thanks to the androgenic action of propionate, get better regeneration, while the masking effect is virtually zero.

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SP Propionate (Testosteron Propionate) 100 mg SP Laboratories 45 €
Testosterone E 250 mg Prime 45 €
Omnadren 250 mg Jelfa 6 €
Testosterone Enantate U.S.P. 250 mg Zhengzhou 50 €
Testodex Propionate 100 mg Sciroxx 30 €