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Where and What is Injectable Stanozolol Used for

The scope of use of injectable stanozolol is powerlifting, bodybuilding, athletics, and weightlifting. Since we are closer to the first two areas, let's talk about them.

In bodybuilding, stanozolol is used mainly at the stage of preparation for competitions. Since it does not cause an accumulation of water and in the conditions of a diet rich in proteins makes the muscles firm and solid.

The absence of any significant accumulation of water makes stanozolol an interesting drug to use to build high quality muscle mass. However, due to the small androgenic component of stanozolol, rapid weight gain should not be expected. But what was gained will be kept for the most part even after its withdrawal.

In powerlifting, stanozolol is used mostly for strength improvement. The increase in strength is more pronounced than in muscle mass. That is why if a powerlifter needs to increase strength and stay within the limits of his weight class, stanozolol is the best choice.

Side effects

Since stanozolol does not have a strong androgenic effect, it has practically no traditional side effects of taking AAS. Moreover, they are apparently not observed at all. Even in women (with no more than two injections of 50mg per week).

And yet the absence of water accumulation in the body can turn out its withdrawal from the joints. That against the background of the growth of strength indicators often leads to injuries. Feeling of "sand" in the knees is the least negative effect of taking stanozolol "solo" or with little androgen support.

That is why it is very dangerous, if you care about the health of your joints, to take stanozolol as one drug of the course, and in principle there is no good reason to use anti-estrogens together with it.

How do you deal with this?

You can do it with drugs that have a greater androgenic effect than stanozolol. First of all they are Metandrostenolone, Anapolone - 250, Testosterones, Nandrolone Decanoate.

Combining stanozolol with any of the above, the user will not only save joints, but also get a big increase in strength and quality muscle mass. The quality of muscles in this case is due to the reduced retention of excess water, which will be "drained" by stanozolol.

All the pros of Stanozolol Injection

When used judiciously, injectable stanozololol can produce:

  • A qualitative increase in muscle mass.
  • A significant increase in strength performance.
  • The ability to successfully prepare for competition in both bodybuilding and powerlifting.
  • The absence of serious side effects.


Self-medication can be dangerous for your health. Information about the active substance is provided solely to familiarize themselves, so before use, refer to your doctor.

Do not engage in self-medication! It may be dangerous for your health!

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