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Nandrolon is a chemical element, an anabolic steroid, which is produced by the human body. It is therefore naturally perceived by the body. It is formed in our body during heavy physical activity and during the waiting period for children.

It has a high anabolic activity of 150% and the activity of androgens is 30% of testosterone.Estrogens, on the other hand, are present in very small quantities, which means that adverse effects on the liver and the body as a whole are minimal. The reputation of the androlone is therefore maintained at a high level.

Given that the drug has remained popular almost since its introduction in 1962, we can draw conclusions when choosing the right product. Its advantages are obvious:1. A noticeable increase in muscle mass. With proper nutrition and training planning, an athlete can gain approximately 8kg. Of course, individual disposition to weight gain must also be taken into account.2. The phenomenon of kickback is virtually non-existent. Even after completing the course, the athlete remains in excellent physical shape. This significantly improves the rating of the drug compared to metandrostenolone and other AAS.3. Efficiency is not limited to external data only; strength performance is significantly improved.4. Joints, bones and ligaments are strengthened. The fact is that the product has previously been used to treat osteoporosis, injuries, recovery from complex burns, growth retardation and deficiency, etc.5. Positive effects are achieved by stimulating collagen synthesis and increasing the release of joint lubrication.6. The overall endurance of the body is increased, as red blood cell mass increases. As a result, the delivery of oxygen to organs improves.7. The immunity of the organism increases. The drug is used even with HIV.8. The intestines are better at absorbing amino acids and other substances.9. Minimal probability of undesirable side effects.

Low androgenic activity prevents acne, baldness and other troubles. Nandrolon deanoate is the most popular substance on our market, and we will consider its features and effects below.