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Steroid Injections

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Steroid Injections

Injection steroids

Injection forms of anabolic steroids can be of two types: oil and aqueous solutions. These types of medications have a high rate of action. Due to the instant entry into the bloodstream, anabolic and androgenic properties that athletes need to achieve their goals are rapidly activated: intensive mass gathering, terrain creation, improved strength and traction, and increased endurance.

To begin with, we will look at the differences between water and oil suspensions.

Aqueous solutions of anabolic steroids are a suspension of the main active substance in water, with no small particles dissolving in it. Such vials must be shaken well before they can be used so that the particles can mix well.

In oil solutions, there is no slurry or cages; in other words, these suspensions have a homogeneous mass.

This is a very important point to pay attention to!

Under no circumstances should aqueous and oil solutions be mixed. Many athletes naively believe that by mixing two drugs in one syringe, they will reduce the number of injections. However, it is strictly forbidden to do so! An oily base is much lighter than water and does not dissolve in it. 

Injection technology

So, with the type of injection mould we have decided, now it is necessary to consider the technology of injection itself:

We determine where the syringe should be injected. Since the drug is intramuscular, the following is used: the side of the thigh, buttock and delta. When steroid is injected into the thigh, the outer part of the thigh must be divided into three parts and manipulated into the middle part. If you inject the drug into the buttock, divide this place mentally into 4 equal parts and give the injection in the upper right corner. It is best to puncture while sitting or lying down.Choose the right syringe: the needle should be at least 2.5 centimetres long, otherwise the drug will not reach the muscle tissue.Keep to hygiene. Wash your hands thoroughly and wipe the injected area with alcohol.

Pay attention to the warnings about the correct use.

When injecting, hygiene and lack of air in the syringe are very important. We therefore recommend that you manipulate the injections as follows. Wipe the rubber lid of the product packaging with alcohol. When you open the syringe, gather some air into it, pierce the rubber cap with a needle and bleed the air into the product. Thus, the pressure inside the container will increase and you will easily accumulate the oil solution. It is better to take a quarter of a cube more than the prescribed dose, then knock on the vial to get the air up, and inject the extra quarter back into the vial. Then shake off the syringe again and press until the first drop appears. This manipulation will ensure that the remaining air in the syringe is removed. Wipe the skin with alcohol at the injection site and inject the needle with a quick movement. At the end of the procedure, treat the puncture with alcohol.

Now you know everything about injectable anabolics and how to use them. Have a good workout and enjoy your results!

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