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Updated: 24/11/2022
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Cabergoline in heavy sports - properties, application, dosage

Cabergoline is a substance that reduces the level of prolactin in the human body through interaction with dopamine receptors. Recently, the substance is actively used in bodybuilding to restore hormonal balance after taking heavy steroids. So, if you take anabolics, which have a large list of side effects, after the course you will not hurt to buy a cabergoline. The most popular preparation of this active ingredient is Dostinex

Briefly about how the drug was created

Cabergoline first appeared on the American market in the 80s of last century. Originally designed to treat hyperprolactinemia, as well as galactorrhea and impotence, the drug has spread throughout the world. And although patent rights to the trademark dovex (namely, under this name, cabergoline is sold) still belong to the developer Pharmacia, in different countries the product is sold under different names. However, please note that the price of the original produced convergoline will be slightly higher than that of its analogues.

Cabergoline mechanism and its application in bodybuilding

The action of the drug consists in the ability to activate dopamine receptors located in lactotrophic cells of the pituitary gland. Due to this, there is a significant suppression of prolactin production and normalization of hormonal balance in the body.

In heavy sports, the product is used to eliminate the side effects of anabolic steroids. But cabergoline has also gained great popularity among bodybuilders due to its additional properties:

  • increased libido function - low prolactin enhances male confidence, which also contributes to increased sexual desire;
  • restoration of erectile function - is also due to the normalization of hormone levels in the athlete's body;
  • lowering blood pressure - everything is logical: if steroids increase it, then cabergoline - reduces it;
  • excretion of excess fluid is a very necessary property during drying before the competition.

In bodybuilding there are two ways to use the drug: during a course of anabolic steroids or to reduce prolactin. In the first case, take cabergoline should be from 3-4 weeks to 0.25 mg in 7-21 days. If the drug is used for another purpose, it is recommended to take 0.25 mg once in 4 days.

Remember that this dosage is approximate, and the best effect from the cabergoline is achieved if you calculate it individually.

What may be the side effects of the drug?

In general, cabergoline in sport is considered completely safe, but if taken incorrectly, it can have a negative impact on many body systems:

  • immune system - hypersensitivity or skin rashes (quite rare);
  • cardiovascular system - damage to valves, drop in blood pressure (so people with low blood pressure should not take the drug);
  • respiratory system - the appearance of shortness of breath during physical activity;
  • nervous system - insomnia, exposure to stress, distortion of consciousness.

However, most often, the negative impact of the drug is the digestive system. Nausea, dyspepsia and constipation can be identified as signs.

In our online store you will find many quality products used in bodybuilding. And if you are still hesitant to buy cabergoline or not, please contact our consultants, who will comprehensively answer all your questions and help you make a choice.

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Cabaser Original 1 mg Pfizer Labs 95 €
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