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Muscle building products

CJC 1295 2 mg Canada Peptides

Description CJC 1295 2 mg Canada PeptidesThe CJC-1295 peptide from Canada Peptides is a nano-protein..

CJC 1295 DAC 2 mg Peptide Sciences

Description of the productCJC-1295 DAC 2mg Peptide Sciences is a peptide containing 30 amino acids. ..

Follistatin-344 1 mg Peptide Sciences

Description of Follistatin-344 1 mg Peptide SciencesThe basis of follistatin 344 peptide is glycopro..

GHRP 2 5 mg Canada Peptides

Description of GHRP 2 5 mg Canada PeptidesGHRP-2 is a peptide consisting of six amino acids connecte..

GHRP 2 5 mg Peptide Sciences

Description of GHRP 2 5 mg Peptide SciencesPeptide Sciences' GHRP 2 5mg actively stimulates the body..

GHRP 6 5 mg Peptide Sciences

Description of GHRP 6 5 mg Peptide SciencesThis drug effectively increases the body's own production..

Hexarelin 2 mg Peptide Sciences

Description of Hexarelin 2 mg Peptide SciencesThis peptide stimulates the body to produce its own gr..

MGF IGF-1Ec 5 mg Peptide Sciences

DESCRIPTION MGF IGF-1EC (MGF IGF-1EC) 5 MG FROM PEPTIDE SCIENCESInsulin-like growth factor 1 refers ..

MOD GRF 1-29 2 mg Peptide Sciences

Mod GRF 1-29 2mg from Peptide Sciences helps athletes edit their bodies according to their wishes an..

Peg MGF 2 mg Canada Peptides

Canada Peptides Peg MGF is used in both amateur and professional bodybuilding. The drug is a kind of..

PEG MGF 5 mg Peptide Sciences

Description of PEG MGF 5 mg Peptide SciencesPeg-MGF (Mechanical Growth Factor) is a substance simila..

Sermorelin 2 mg Peptide Sciences

Characteristics of Sermorelin 2 mg Peptide SciencesThe action of Sermorelin 2mg from Peptide Science..

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Muscle building products

Hormone production stimulants (ghrelinomimetics) are used to increase the production of the human body's own growth hormone. This is relevant in many areas, but it is in demand in bodybuilding when athletes need to increase their mass by means of dry muscles. The advantages of ghrelinomimetics production are that it is safe for humans, while the side effects are only caused by uncontrolled taking of drugs and only a small number of athletes. However, this is a rare phenomenon, as you can read in detail how to use the stimulant, what compatibility it is with other drugs, why it is necessary to adhere to the course of administration and other information.

Today, there is enough information on the Web about what growth hormone production (ghrelinomimetics) is and why it is needed. Simply put, they are peptides that interact with the hypothalamus, pituitary gland and ghrelin receptors. The effects that can be achieved by taking products from this group depend on the types of stimulants used to produce ghrelin mimetics.

They are divided into two types:

  • GHRP-2, a substance that stimulates the pituitary gland to enhance the production of growth hormone.
  • GHRP-6 is a substance whose purpose is to stimulate appetite and improve metabolism.

Application and combination

It is better to consult a pharmacologist or doctor before applying, who will explain the differences between the stimulants. Also, what is better, taking into account the individual characteristics of the athlete, the level of training, the presence of diseases and other factors. Medicines in this group are combined with others, such as glutamine or arginine. This increases the effect of taking the product, the production of growth hormone increases, and most importantly, this combination is harmless. Moreover, those taking stimulants do not even have delayed side effects. However, the dosage should not be exceeded, as more than 600 micrograms per day of the product can cause an increase in cortisol and prolactin, which is highly undesirable for athletes.