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Growth hormone

Genotropin 36 IU Pfizer Labs

Description of Genotropin 36 IU Pfizer LabsA preparation of somatotropic hormone. It is a somatropin..

Genotropin Original 16 IU Pfizer Labs

Main advantages of Genotropin Original 16 IU Pfizer LabsFor bolybilders, the most valuable property ..

Hygetropin 10 IU Zhongshan

WHAT IS THE GROWTH HORMONE HYGETROPIN?Growth hormone Hygetropin - aka somatropin (somatotropin, HGH,..

Jintropin (Somatropin) 10 IU Gene Science Pharmaceuticals

Jintropin is a steroid preparation of the growth hormone based on somatropin from the Chinese manufa..

Jintropin Original 10 МО Europharm

WHAT IS THE GROWTH HORMONE JINTROPIN EUROPHARM?Jintropin is a product of the growth hormone (a hormo..

Norditropin 48 IU Novo Nordisk

Norditropin 48 IU Novo Nordisk product descriptionNorditropin is an artificial growth hormone that w..

Norditropin Original 30 IU Novo Nordisk

Nordictropine is widely used in various sports. However, it is most popular with bodybuilders, who n..

Norditropin Original 45 IU Novo Nordisk

Main characteristics of the growth hormone Norditropin Original 45 IU Novo NordiskThe Nordictropin h..

Omnitrop 15 IU Sandoz

OMNITROPE GROWTH HORMONE FROM SANDOZOmnitrop is a highly effective drug, 100% analogue of the human ..

Omnitrop Original 45 IU Sandoz

Description Omnitrop Omnitrop Original 45 IU SandozOmnitrop is a hormonal preparation containing som..

Pharmatropin 10 UI Pharmacom Labs

Characteristics of Pharmatropin 10 UI Pharmacom LabsPharmatropin is a recombinant growth hormone pro..

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Bodybuilding growth hormone - do I need to take?

The growth hormone, aka somatotropin, is a peptide hormone, for the synthesis of which the pituitary gland is responsible in the human body. Its synthetic analogue was first synthesized in the middle of the last century and soon became very popular among professional weightlifters and bodybuilders. Today, when you see the perfect bodybuilder's sports physique, you can be almost 100% sure that this is the result of taking the growth hormone. It not only speeds up the synthesis of protein, which is a building material for muscle tissue, but also helps fight fat cells and speed up recovery. You can buy growth hormones and preparations that speed up their production in online shops or in a pharmacy.

Somatotropin features

Like most hormones in the human body, somatotropin is most actively produced as we grow older, and its secretion decreases with age and the body loses the ability to quickly build muscle mass. To enable athletes at any age to achieve their desired result as quickly as possible, they often take a synthetic analogue of the growth hormone.

These products help to build up quality dry muscle mass in the shortest possible time and make your body the way you want it to be. They also strengthen bones and speed up their recovery from fractures. They are also often used as fat-burning agents. You have to take these medicines very carefully, following the regimen. It is best to do this once every two days, dividing the right dosage into five equal parts and taking them after an equal period of time. Otherwise, the natural secretion of somatotropin in the body may be compromised, leading to undesirable consequences.

The activity of the growth hormone after it enters the body lasts only a few minutes, during which it is broken down into growth factors, including IGF-1.Not all modern products of this type are certified, so if the price of growth hormones is too low, it is better to buy them elsewhere.

Which growth hormones should I choose?

When you decide to buy them, you must understand that all growth hormones are one product produced by companies under different names. The most popular of them are considered to be the growth hormones:

  • neotropin - produced under licence, it allows you to gain muscle mass quickly and has an effective effect on peritoneal fat tissue;
  • gentropine - this product is the closest to natural growth hormone in its structure. It contains 191 amino acids, making it possible to build up quality muscles in a very short time;
  • ansomone is a rather rare but very effective medicine. It helps not only to speed up weight gain, but also to quickly recover from prolonged physical activity or injury.

Results after taking growth hormones

To sum up, the effect of growth hormones can be described as follows:

  • muscle mass gain - occurs due to accelerated protein synthesis;
  • reduction in the fat layer - somatotropin releases ATP from the adipose tissue, using it as an energy source;
  • strengthening bone tissue and joints - growth hormones trigger the regeneration process, which results in bone tissue returning to its normal structure.

When taking synthetic somatotropin, you have to be very careful about the intake scheme, as any hormonal imbalance can have negative consequences. You can buy growth hormones, steroids, fat incinerators and PCT preparations at our online shop for affordable prices. If you have any questions regarding the choice of the right product, our consultants will be happy to help you.