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Turagen 12 mg Genetic Labs

Turagen muscle building steroid is produced by the world-famous sports pharmacology company Genetic ..

Turanabol 10 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Turinabol Balkan (Moldova)Turinabol Balkan (Moldova) - an anabolic steroid for gradual slow muscle m..

Turanabol 10 mg Prime

TurinabolMany athletes call tourinabol the younger brother of the metandienon. The two drugs are ind..

Turinabol 10 mg Hubei Huangshi Nanshang

Steroid in its effects and chemical structure is similar to Metandienone. Turinabol contains an addi..

Turinabol 10 mg Zhengzhou

ZPHC Turinabol 10mg 100tab Zhengzhou (Turinabol) is an oral anabolic drug, analogue of testosterone...

Turinabol 20 mg Zhengzhou

Manufacturer: Zhengzhou PharmaceuticalForm of issue: 20mg 25 tabsActive component: Chlorodehydrometh..

Turinabolos 10 mg Pharmacom Labs

Turinabolos 10mg 100 tab Pharmacom Labs (Turinabol) is an oral anabolic drug, analogue of testostero..

Turinagen 10 mg Genetic Labs

Turinagen 10 mg Genetic LabsTurinagen (Turinabol) is a universal drug. Its range of actions is suita..

Turinazol 10 mg Sopharma

The substance was produced by a chemical modification of the methyl testosterone molecule and the ad..

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Turinabol is an effective product for strength and weight gain

Turinabol is an androgenic anabolic steroid released on the market in 1961 under the Josephamr brand name. Among professional athletes, the drug has a second name - 'tourist'. Anabolic by its properties is very similar to "methane", but the main difference between them is the additional chlorine atom on the fourth carbon atom in the "turkey" molecule. It is worth buying Tourinabolik if you want to increase your strength and also increase your quality muscle mass.

Areas of application and dosage of turinabol

Steroid found a huge number of consumers among weightlifters, powerlifters, weightlifters and swimmers. This is due primarily to the need to develop their strength rather than to build up voluminous muscles. Thanks to minimal side effects, 'tourists' are also in great demand among newcomers to weightlifting. As for experienced bodybuilders, they will find the effect of tourismball to be weak. Most often, they use anabolic as an intermediate between stronger steroids.

You need to take "tourok" twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. The optimal dosage for women and teenagers is 20 mg daily, while for men it is 30-50 mg. The course of taking anabolic should last at least three weeks, and for best results it can be extended to 1-2 months. It should be noted that if you take the Tourinabol solo, you can easily forget about subsequent post-course therapy. However, after a combined course with testosterone, sutaneum, nandrolone and other powerful steroids designed for mass gain, PCT will be simply necessary.

What results should you expect after taking turinabol?

As for the effectiveness of "turinabol", it is extremely versatile. If taken correctly, the drug is capable of doing so:

  • increase strength and endurance - anabolic not only develops the physical potential of an athlete, but also makes the body work harder;
  • build up lean muscle tissue - the similarities to 'methane' have already been mentioned, so this is exactly what gives you quality mass gain and makes your muscles supple and stiff;
  • preserve the muscles already acquired - this is thanks to the anti-catabolic properties of turinabol;
  • stimulate appetite - steroid normalises metabolism, so that the body starts to consume more nutrients to build muscle;
  • increase sexual activity - some still call it 'tourist' but Sex Drags, which is explained by the increased libido in bodybuilders.

Is tourinabol as safe as they say it is?

If you decide to buy Tourinabol, don't even doubt it. This anabolic is indeed considered one of the safest drugs used in bodybuilding. Of course, it has a number of side effects that can make your life very difficult if you take it incorrectly, but this only happens to 2-3% of athletes. "Turik practically does not suppress the natural production of testosterone and does not transform into estrogens, thus avoiding acne, gynaecomastia and virilisation.

It is believed that steroid is toxic enough for the liver, but in practice no cases of its deleterious effect on the iron have been reported. Our online shop sells exceptionally high quality steroids, hormones, PCT products and products that can be good helpers on the way to a beautiful body. Experienced staff will be happy to advise you and help you find the right dosage and regimen. We are also sure that the price of Tourinabol will be an unexpected surprise for you and possibly a decisive factor when you buy the product.