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Halotestin - increase in strength without gaining weight

Halotest is a tablet steroid with powerful androgenic activity and very moderate anabolic properties. First released in 1956, it was used in traditional medicine to treat burns, fractures and dystrophy, and after increased control over the medicines, it was used exclusively to treat inoperable breast cancer. Weightlifters are the first ones to buy Halotest, for whom it is important to increase their strength performance while remaining in a relatively unchanged weight class.

What is the special feature of Halotestin?

Thanks to the special structure of molecules, the substance does not transform into estrogens, which makes it possible to forget about such a problem as gynecomastia. Steroid also has no progestagenic activity and has practically no effect on the androgenic receptor. The presence of these properties makes the drug unsuitable for mass gain. The positive effect of Halotest is due to its powerful androgenic activity. It is most often used by weightlifters, for whom strength rather than mass is important. The drug also contributes to increased hemoglobin production, which increases the athlete's endurance and reduces the time it takes for the body to recover from physical activity.

Steroid is also used by bodybuilders in the final days before a performance to reduce weight loss and make muscles stiffer.

Halotest reception and dosage schemes

There are many different schemes for taking Halotest, both solo and with other steroids. Beginners are advised to take 30 mg of fluoximesterone daily for eight weeks and start post-course therapy in the ninth week. It is advisable to combine the intake of the main steroid with tamoxifene (20 mg per day). This will reduce the rollback after the course. It should be noted that this regimen of administration is only designed to increase strength, not gain weight.

For muscle building, Halotest is combined with primobolan and trenbolone enantate. Steroid is also often used pointwise, off course.

Those who want to buy Halotest need it:

  • increase your strength levels - the main purpose of the drug;
  • increase endurance - this is done by stimulating hemoglobin production;
  • increase the hardness and elasticity of muscle tissue - this is achieved by taking the drug pointwise on the last days before a competition.
  • A slight weight loss is also possible, but it is rather a secondary effect.

What are the side effects of Halotest?

Halotest can cause baldness, acne and prostate hypertrophy due to high androgenic activity. Women are strongly discouraged from taking it because of its pronounced virilisation. Steroid is also thought to increase the risk of malignant tumours. This assumption has not yet been proven by scientists, but it is because of this that steroid is not recommended for long-term use. The drug has the potential to have a strong oppressive effect on the sexual arc and to inhibit testosterone production, so the PCT should not be neglected after taking it.

To avoid these negative effects, take the drug wisely and follow the regimen clearly. In our online shop you will find a huge selection of androgenous and anabolic steroids, fat incinerators, PKT preparations and hormones that are used by bodybuilders on their way to the cherished forms. The price of Halotest will make you very happy, and if there are any problems with the choice of dosage or course, our experienced consultants will always be happy to help you.

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