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Undestor Original 40 mg Organon

Undestor Original 40 mg OrganonAndriol 40 mg is a drug used in the treatment of male hypogonadism du..

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Andriol - oral steroid for athletes

Andriol is a unique oral steroid, a testosterone derivative created by the international pharmaceutical company Organon. This steroid went on sale in the early 1980s. It contains 40 mg of testosterone in oil solution in each capsule. If we subtract the weight of the ester, each capsule contains around 25 mg of pure testosterone.

Emission form Andriol

The release form of this steroid differs significantly from most oral steroids. Oral steroids usually enter the bloodstream through the liver. If the steroid taken in this way does not contain any structural changes to protect it from disintegration in the liver, it disintegrates very quickly. In this case, only a small fraction of the steroid remains unchanged and the whole drug loses its strength.

In the case of Andriol, a special form of testosterone was created that would be absorbed by the body's lymphatic system. This is facilitated by the complex ester, which provides high solubility of fats, as well as the oil solution of the preparation. In this form, steroid avoids the damaging effects of the liver. It enters the bloodstream unchanged, and the compound ether, which releases free active testosterone, immediately breaks down. In this form, steroid is suitable for oral administration and does not hit the liver heavily.

Pharmokinetics (concentration and rate of passage in the body) of oral testosterone undecanoate

On paper, the effect of this steroid looks perfect: a clean, safe product that has nothing to do with the very harmful thing with methyltestosterone. But, as is often the case in life, if something looks too good to be true, it is unlikely to be true. The same problem exists with Andriol. Above all, it's the biological availability of this product to the body. Athletes report that when taken less than 240 mg per day (6 capsules), there are no visible results. 240 mg per day also has very little effect. Increasing the dosage to 8-10 capsules (320-400 mg) shows an increase in muscle mass and the amount of medication can be avoided so far, but there is no significant increase in volume.

We can only claim that this steroid is completely unpredictable in how it works in our body. Experiments in the men's group showed results: this steroid was completely unpredictable in its action, and its blood level varied between 11.5 and 60.1 units per litre (nmol/L) when taken twice a day with 80 mg.

The effect of the drug on the human body

Of greater interest is also the "mild" effect of Andriol, which is often described as a miracle cure, as it only slightly turns into estrogen in our body, despite the fact that Andriol is a type of testosterone. However, it must be remembered that the way this remedy is processed in the body affects the final result of its action, namely the rate of decay.

This feature affects how quickly the hormone reaches its maximum level in the blood, and how long it takes to see the result of the hormone's action. The main reason why the testosterone suspension (solution) has a stronger effect than testosterone enantate is that in the first case, more hormones start working within one day. At the same time, estrogens are faster and their side effects are more noticeable. The only way we can prevent androgens from turning into estrogen is to change their main molecule rather than their ester. As soon as free testosterone enters the bloodstream, its aromatization is impossible without the involvement of enisymes. The lack of obvious results and side effects when taking Andriol is therefore most likely due to the fact that it is not processed well enough in the body.

Most athletes do not consider Andriol to be a profitable purchase. But we also know the opinion of other people who actually use this product, because a small amount of this steroid enters the bloodstream without any change. Andriol remains an oral steroid and is not as dangerous to the liver as most other steroids intended for oral administration. Some athletes who sometimes take 'mild' steroids buy Andriol and are very happy with the result. But for most of us, it is not suitable at all because of the high price and the need to take it in large quantities every day. Also, if you need a 'mild' steroid, you don't need to buy testosterone.

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