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Oral steroids

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Oral steroids

Oral steroids - features and benefits

Oral steroids are most commonly derived from the male hormone testosterone, which is intended for oral use. This concept is certainly familiar to every bodybuilder, as in the last few decades the strong demand for steroids has led to an accelerated development of sports pharmacology. Pillated anabolics allow bodybuilders, weightlifters and other athletes to quickly gain weight and develop strength, so bodybuilders, weightlifters and other athletes often decide to buy oral steroids. This is best done in specialised online shops that guarantee the quality of their products.

Characteristics of anabolics in pills

Androgenic anabolic steroids are available both in ampoules for intramuscular injection and in tablets. However, oral steroid anabolic steroids (OSA) are much more convenient to store and take, which makes them particularly interesting. Pure testosterone has no ability to be absorbed through the stomach walls. This is evidenced by the results of experimental studies in which women were involved (changes in the hormonal background can be easily detected by their bodies). Under the influence of stomach enzymes, the male hormone simply collapses without any positive effects.

For OSA to be effective, pharmacists had to change the molecular composition of testosterone. The result of this work is the emergence of derivatives of testosterone that can be absorbed into the bloodstream through the stomach walls. The effect of oral steroids is quite rapid, but it also passes quickly. It is therefore necessary to take anabolics in pills frequently and strictly following the scheme. Any deviations can make the course less effective.

What steroids are produced in the form of pills?

If you have decided to take steroids orally, the choice is not so great. It is best to choose something from the following drugs:

  • stanazolol - the main effect of this product is to 'dry' the mass, i.e. remove excess fluid from the muscles, and increase endurance;
  • primobolan - its anabolic properties are not very strong, but there is no kickback effect after the course and quality muscles are built up;
  • methandrolon - it allows you to gain muscle mass quickly, but it traps liquid strongly, which leads to strong kickback. You can also choose one of the analogues of a drug;
  • oxandrolon - designed for drying, does not facilitate mass gain;
  • oxymetalone - allows you to build up lean muscle tissue, there is a pumping effect and increased endurance.

Should we give preference to OSA?

Oral steroids have several advantages:

  • easy to take - you just need to swallow the pill and drink it with water;
  • rapid action and excretion - makes it possible to take steroids before doping control.

However, if you decide to buy oral steroids, be prepared for the fact that their range is very limited and they are more toxic than injectable drugs, which requires stronger post-course therapy. In addition, you need to take anabolic pills regularly and several times a day, otherwise you will not be able to maintain a constant level of hormone in your blood, which will lead to lower course performance.

In our online shop you will find steroids in pills and ampoules, as well as hormones, fat burners and other sports pharmacy products. The democratic price of oral steroids will be a pleasant surprise for you, and qualified help from our employees will make it easy to find the right product.

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