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Aromatase inhibitors

Anastrazolos 1 mg Pharmacom Labs

In order to preserve the steroid results obtained during the course, Anastrozolos will be an excelle..

Anastrozol 1 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Balkan Anastrozole is a selective aromatherapy inhibitor. Balkan Anastrozole is used in bodybuilding..

Anastrozole 1 mg Teva

In order to preserve the steroid results obtained during the course, Anastrover will be an excellent..

Letrozol 2,5 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Letrozol 2.5 mg (manufacturer Balkan Pharmaceuticals)Balkan Letrozole 2.5mg is a drug that is often ..

Provimed 50 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Provimed 50 mg Balkan PharmaceuticalsHypogonadism, psycho-vegetative disorders and reduced performan..

Provinazol (Proviron) 50 mg Sopharma

Proviron (the active ingredient Mesterolone) is an androgenic drug which is a derivative of dihydrot..

Proviron 25 mg Bayer

PharmacodynamicsProviron is an androgenic drug to be taken orally. The presence of C-1 methyl group ..

Proviron 50 mg Prime

Proviron is a synthetic hormone preparation with moderate androgenic activity. In traditional pharma..

Provironos 50 mg Pharmacom Labs

Provironos 50 (mesrorolon) is a hormonal preparation with vivid androgenic activity and virtually no..

Tamoxifen 20 mg Prime

Tamoxifen is the most popular of the antiestrogens used in bodybuilding, which are part of the triph..

Tamoximed 20 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Tamoxifen (Tamoximedes) is a drug with strong anti-estrogenic and antisteroidal properties that does..

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 Aromatase inhibitors

Aromatherapy inhibitors

Preparations called aromatase inhibitors are often used to treat cancer, including breast cancer. Many tumors are sensitive to estradiol, and aromatase inhibitors block this enzyme, thereby slowing down the process of transformation of adrogenic hormones m estrogen. Aromatherapy inhibitors are very popular among athletes who take a course of steroids, as they help reduce the level of female sex hormones in the body.

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Aromatherapy blockers are used to combat diseases caused by high levels of estrogen in the blood, for example, with gynecomastia - breast growth in men.

Aromatisation inhibitors in bodybuilding

Aromatherapy inhibitors are popular among athletes, and many people are satisfied with their products both in effectiveness and in cost. In bodybuilding, aromatherapy inhibitors are used when taking a course of anabolic steroids. In this case, they are assigned 5 tasks:

  • Prevent gynecomasty - blocking the enzyme will reduce the level of estradiol, which can lead to the development of the disease;
  • to rid the body of excess water - due to the effect of estradiol, the content of sodium in the cell increases, so the water detains, which leads to swelling;
  • Reduce blood pressure - if a person is swollen from excess fluid, the blood vessels are compressed, as a result, the BP increases. This effect can be called a consequence of the previous one: we remove the swelling - we reduce blood pressure;
  • reduce the impact of the "acquired" estradiol on the GTE axis, so that after the end of steroid intake there are no problems with the recovery of endogenous testosterone;
  • will increase the level of endogenous (own) testosterone - this mechanism works on the basis of the feedback effect: the body feels the decrease of estradiol, so it begins to produce more testosterone, which can be converted to estradiol through the aromatization mechanism. But the aromatisation is blocked, so the testosterone level increases.

When planning a course of anabolics, you should understand that not all steroids are subject to flavorization, so it is not always necessary to introduce aromatherapy inhibitors.