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About delivery. Payment

Delivery from ""

When ordering from the UK, our managers will process the order for 1-2 days. 

After our managers have processed your order, they will send you an invoice for payment. After payment, customer should always provide a receipt, which includes the date and amount of the transfer, as well as bank account number, where the money has been sent. Our managers need the payment slip to identify the customer more quickly. The sooner we can see your payment, the sooner the order is collected and the sooner the parcel is dispatched to England.

Before paying for your order, be sure to note that payments from the UK are received in Ukraine within 48 business hours. After the payment has been made, orders are dispatched within 7-14 days.

Once the parcel has been sent, our managers will send you a tracking number by which you can track the location of your order. Please note that we are responsible for all sports pharmaceutical products until they are on the territory of Ukraine. Once the parcel has crossed customs, we have no influence on its movement, delivery time or the parcel itself.

If the client receives a damaged parcel, a photo should be taken and the parcel should be addressed to our managers within 5 days following the receipt of the order. In order to solve this situation, we are ready to provide the client with an individual discount for the next order. 

Important! If you did not pick up your parcel within a certain period or were absent during courier delivery to the address, so we will return the parcel back to the warehouse of our company. In this case, we offer reshipment of your order subject to payment of delivery (cost 45 euros) or we can make a refund in the amount of 50% of the value of your order ( we cannot refund the full cost of the order due to double payment of the customs fee and also a number of products have a limited shelf life)

When will I get a refund on a sports medicine product?

Refunds for sports pharmaceutical products will be issued if the order has failed to pass the Ukrainian Customs Office and returned to our registered office. Refund for ordered products is also possible if the customer rejected the pharmacy before the parcel was packed.

Please note that refunds, if client does not receive his order, only when the package is returned to our office and does not reach destination.

Shipping costs for sports medicine products to the UK:

  • If the order amount is between €0 and €200, then the delivery cost is €45; 
  • if client ordered products from 200 to 300 EUR, then delivery will cost 25 EUR; 
  • if the total order amount is more than 300 Euro, then the delivery fee is paid by "".

Each buyer should keep in mind that sports medicine products are non-exchangeable and non-refundable. If you need professional advice, our experts are ready to provide information support in choosing sports pharmaceuticals. 

Important: Our online sports pharmacy reserves the right to replace the product with a similar one with the same active ingredient but from a different manufacturer. This substitution can only be made if the product you ordered is no longer in our warehouse.

Replacement of goods in your order will always be done according to the following principle: goods of the same quality and price or goods of higher quality.

Thank you for your understanding! You can be sure, that you will not lose anything in case of changes in your order, and in most cases you will get a better and more expensive product than the one you ordered.